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Test Code CBG Blood Gases, Capillary, LAB78


Potentiometric Sensors: Includes pH, and pCO2.

Amperometric Sensors: Includes pO2

Performing Laboratory

St. Luke's Hospital Cedar Rapids

Specimen Requirements


Preferred: Heparinized plastic capillary tube

Acceptable: Heparinized glass caraway tube

Specimen Volume: 150 uL of capillary blood (full tube)

Stability: Samples should be placed in ice water if they can not be run within 30 min.

Collection Instructions:Specimens should be collected with out the introduction of air bubbles into

          the sample and mixed thoroughly during collection to prevent clotting.

Reference Values

pH: 7.35-7.45 units
Critical values

0-30 days: <7.2 units or >7.5 units

≥1 month: <7.2 units or >7.6 units
Males: 36-50 mm Hg

Females: 34-48 mm Hg
pO2: 40-50 mm Hg
Critical values

0-23 months: <40 mm Hg or >80 mm Hg
HCO3: 25-28 mmol/L

Males: 26-31 mm Hg

Females: 24-29 mm Hg

Base excess: -2 to +2 mmol/L
% O2 saturation: 50-70%

Day(s) Test Set Up

Monday through Sunday

Test Classification and CPT Coding


Useful For

Capillary blood gases are performed for the assessment of either the acid-base status or the respiratory oxygenation status of a patient.