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Test Code SPCRCD Clostridium Difficile PCR Assay, LAB2162

Performing Laboratory

St. Luke's Hospital Cedar Rapids

Specimen Requirements

Container/Tube: Sterile screw-capped container-Formed stool is not acceptable and will be rejected and credited.

Specimen Volume: Minimum of 2 mL of freshly-passed, diarrheal (liquid or loose) stool

Collection Instructions: Patient needs to have at least 3 diarrheal stools per 24 hour period. Stool specimen must take the shape of the container. Patient is allowed 1 specimen per 7 days. Send specimen in plastic container.

Note: Specimen stability is ≤5 days if stored at 2° C to 8° C. 

Reference Values



Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)/DNA Extraction/PCR Amplification/Hybridization using the Cepheid Genexpert.  Used to detect C. difficile toxin in stool specimens.

Day(s) Test Set Up

Monday through Sunday

Test Classification and CPT Coding