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Test Code FSH Follicle Stimulating Hormone, LAB86

Performing Laboratory

St. Luke's Hospital Laboratory, Cedar Rapids

Specimen Requirements

Container/Tube:  Gold-top serum or red-top serum tube

Specimen:  0.5 mL


  • Room temperature:  8 hours.  Do not use samples that have been stored at room temperature for longer than 8 hours.
  • Refrigeration (2°-8°C):  24 hours
  • Frozen (≤ -20°C): Undetermined.  Freeze samples only once and mix thoroughly after thawing.

Transport:  Refrigerated

Reference Values



Normally menstruating


Follicular Phase

2.5–10.2 mIU/mL

Midcycle Peak

3.4–33.4 mIU/mL

Luteal Phase

1.5–9.1 mIU/mL


< 0.3 mIU/mL


23.0–116.3 mIU/mL



13–70 years

1.4–18.1 mIU/mL


Day(s) Test Set Up

Tuesday and Friday

STAT testing available Monday through Friday, day shift only

Test Classification and CPT Coding


Useful For

FSH and LH play a critical role in maintaining the normal function of the male and female reproductive systems.


Chemiluminescence Assay