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Test Code FVL Factor V Leiden, LAB346


Polymerase Chain Reaction/Fluorescence Monitoring

Specimen Requirements

Container/Tube Type:

Pink (K2EDTA) (Preferred)

Lavender (EDTA)
Light Blue (Citrate)


Transport Information: 5 mL whole blood at 2-8°C.

Specimen Minimum Volume

1.0 mL

Specimen Stability

Refrigerated Stability: 7 days

Frozen Stability: 365 days  


Once thawed, specimens may not be re-frozen.

Day (s) Test Set Up

Performed: Wed

Analytical Time:

Within 7 days

Reject Due To

Serum or ACD anticoagulant

CPT Coding


Performing Laboratory

Pathology Laboratory Des Moines, IA