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Test Code MIXSDY Mixing Studies (Coagulation Inhibitors), Blood, LAB2614

Specimen Requirements


Preferred:  3 Full blue-top (sodium citrate) 1.8mL tube-Hemolyzed or short draw specimen is not acceptable.
Specimen: minimum volume: 2.0mL plasma

Stability: Centrifuged specimens at 18-20°C must be tested within 4 hours of specimen collection

Collection Instructions: Centrifuge immediately after draw. Forward promptly. If there is a delay in transport of >2 hours but ≤8 hours, spin down, remove plasma from cells and send specimen refrigerated. Specimen separated from cells and stored at refrigerate temperature is stable for ≤4 hours.  If testing not performed within 4 hours, plasma should be removed from cells and frozen at -20°C for 2 weeks.

NOTE: Patient cannot be on heparin or Coumadin.

NOTE: Patients with a hematocrit of >55% must be recollected using an altered amount of sodium citrate.




Reference Values

Refer to Protime and PTT for reference values

Performing Laboratory

St. Luke's Hospital Cedar Rapids

Day(s) Test Set Up

Monday through Friday (days only)

Useful For

The presence of acquired circulating anti-coagulants is commonly associated with certain disease entities, ingestion of drugs, and other clinical situations.  Acquired inhibitors can occur in patients with non-congenital deficiencies.


Clot Based Assay

Test Classification and CPT Coding

85611-PT mix
85732-APTT mix