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Test Code TULARU Tularemia IgG and IgM Antibodies, Lab1216


Detection of IgG and IgM antibodies against Francisella tularensis by tube agglutination.

Performing Laboratory

State Hygienic Laboratory (SHL) Coralville

Specimen Requirements

Container/Tube: Red Top or Serum Separator Tube

Specimen: 1 mL of serum Minimum: 1 mL

Transport Temperature: Refrigerate

Stability: 2 weeks refrigerated (2-8 C)


Reference Values

Negative: <1:20

Equivocal: 1:20 - 1:80

Positive: 1:160


Note: Cross reactivity with Brucella and Yersinia antibodies may occur.  Therefore, results should be interpreted with caution and correlated with clinical information.

Day (s) Test Set Up

Monday through Friday


Analytic Time

5-7 business days

Reject Due To

Plasma, CSF, Contaminated, heat-inactivated, hemolyzed, or severely lipemic specimens.

CPT coding