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Test Code UCCLR Creatinine Clearance, LAB383



Performing Laboratory

St. Luke's Hospital Cedar Rapids

Specimen Requirements


Preferred: 24-hour urine collection

Specimen Volume: 0.5 mL from a 24-hour timed urine collection. No preservative.

                    Refrigerate specimen during collection, and send specimen refrigerated.

Stability: Urines should be stored at 2 - 8ºC and analyzed within 4 days.  Freeze for longer storage.

Note: 1. A #CREA Creatinine, Plasma or Serum is necessary for the calculation of the

              clearance, preferably drawn during the 24-hour time period in which the

              urine is being collected.

           2. Starting and ending times of collection are required for processing.

           3. An accurate height and weight for the patient must be provided

              (to be used in the calculation).

           4. When a 24-hour urine for creatinine is done, a PV (period and volume) must also be

                ordered and resulted. (FOR LAB USE ONLY)

Reference Values

Males: 85-125 mL/min

Females: 75-115 mL/min

Day(s) Test Set Up

Monday through Sunday

Test Classification and CPT Coding

81050-Timed urine measurement

82575-Creatinine clearance

Useful For

Creatinine Clearance values are used to monitor the glomerular function of the renal system.